Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Welcome to AMIANTIT FIBERglass Egypt

Amiantit Egypt-AFEC-is one of the world's leading manufacturer of pipe systems. AFEC division is a joint venture between Lokma group and Amiantit of Saudi Arabia. AFEC exclusively presents Amiantit in Egypt as one of the operating facilities existing in 18 countries.

Features of our Fiberglass pipes and fittings

The product is GRP pipes and fittings of all shapes standard and non-standard, manholes and water tanks for liquid chemicals and
pipes jacking.

These products are used in transmission lines and distribution networks of drinking water, raw water, sanitation, industrial
waste, chemicals, irrigation networks, storm drainage, cooling lines and desalination plants.

Fiberglass pipe is used in many industries for a variety of application including:

- Chemical Process
- Desalination
- Down hole tubing and casing
- Ducting and vent piping
- Geothermal
- Industrial Effluents
- Irrigation
- Oil Field
- Potable Water
- Power Plant Cooling and raw water
- Sanitary Sewers
- Seawater intake and outfalls
- Slurry Piping
- Storm Sewers
- Water distribution
- Water transmission

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