Friday, September 22, 2023
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Amiantit Egypt-AFEC- is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pipe systems. AFEC is a joint venture between Lokma group and Amiantit of Saudi Arabia. AFEC uses the latest technology in pipe production offering a wide range of pipes and accessories for water, sewage, hydropower, and construction, municipal, industrial and marine applications. AFEC supports its sales through specialists either in local or global market.             

AFEC Technology       

Pipes are manufactured using continuous filament winding process (FLOWTITE Technology).

In FLOWTITE Chain of Licenses AFEC can be considered as one of the leading supplier of Glass reinforced Plastic pipes.

The Technology is developed and in continuous upgrade through specialists. The continuous Filament Winding has the following advantages such as:

  1. Production is computerized so consistent quality.
  2. Dual resin delivery for liner and structure makes it applicable to use two different resin types especially for liner for severely corrosive applications.
  3. Adding other materials such as glass veil or polyester veil can be used to minimize abrasion.
  4. Very high capacity.
  5. Cost effective.
  6. Length of pipes from 3-12 meters.


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